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How TrustedHouseSitters changed our lives?

DISCLAIMER: We are not sponsored by TrustedHouseSitters but we have a referral link. Everything you read in this blog post is our own personal experience.

If you have been following us for a while, you will know that we have been travelling for quite some time and we still consider ourselves “budget travellers”. We always search for ways to make our money stretch even further whilst still being able to have unique experiences. This is where TrustedHouseSitters comes in. In this blog post, we will unveil our secrets and tell you how we have been able to spend $0 on accommodation for the past 6 months. So keep reading if you are interested.

During the pandemic, we were forced to go back to the UK, as it’s technically our home but unfortunately we had no place to stay. It’s funny now remembering us sitting on the floor at Stansted airport and posting this on Facebook: “We are back in the UK but got nowhere to stay. Would anyone have a room for us?” Some of our family members were a little hesitant to take us in, as it was March 2020 (the beginning of the pandemic) and no one knew what COVID was all about and naturally assumed we were infected.

Luckily, Micha’s grandmother’s house was empty for about two weeks so we were able to isolate. Afterwards, my aunty offered us a room in her flat and told us to stay there for as long as we wanted to. Well, that “as long as we want to” turned out to be almost 2 years. The room only had a single bed and we had to share the common space with 3 other people but somehow managed to make it work.. well..just about…

After what seemed like a gazillion lockdowns, we were allowed to meet out friends and family for the first time. By this time, we had already left my aunty’s flat and rented a little AirBnb in London. Our good friend Katie was also in London so we had to see her.

Katie had already been pet sitting across the UK for a few months so we were super intrigued to hear all about her experience.

If this is your first time hearing about this website, let me tell you a little more about it. It’s a website designed for house sitters as well as for those who are looking for pet sitters. If you are going on holiday and need someone to look after your pets while you are away - find a pet sitter. If you are looking to travel to a new destination and want to look after people’s pets - find a house to sit. We have been looking after people’s pets whilst they are on holiday.

I had already known about TrustedHouseSitters for quite a while and always wanted to sign up but we never had enough money to pay for the membership. Even though it’s only $130.00 for a whole year, we always seemed to find an excuse not to do it. It’s too much money, it’s not the right time, what if we don’t like it..etc etc..

However, hearing all the good things about TrustedHouseSitters from our friend Katie, we decided that NOW it’s the right time for us to sign up, especially after being cooped up in one place with little home comforts for so long. On top of that, Katie had also provided us with a referral link so now we could get 25% off our membership fee. Happy days!

So fast forward to June 2022, we can happily admit that we have been loving our TrustedHouseSitters experience. We’ve been looking after people’s pets for the past 6 months and it’s everything we have ever hoped for!

Going back to the title, it really has changed our lives. We both come from broken families, so we haven’t had a proper home since our early teens. We’ve always made do and constantly been longing that feeling of comfortability and a sense of home. TrustedHouseSitters provided us with all of that and more.

We’ve been loving our time with pets, they’ve all been so cute and well behaved. So far, we’ve looked after 8 different pets, some of them with super cool names like Kevin Bacon, Pickle Donut, Frida & Kahlo. So cute.

Overall, TrustedHouseSitters is truly amazing because we get to save money on accommodation, feel comfortable, enjoy the company of the little furry friends, meet new people and of course explore a new destination.

It really is that simple. You sign up, create your profile, apply for your desired house sit and VOILA! You’re at someone’s house, looking after their pets, working remotely, watching Netflix, cooking dinners and exploring a new city. What’s not to love about this lifestyle?

If you would like to become a house sitter just like us, please use our referral link to sign up and receive 25% off your membership

Happy Pet Sitting!

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