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Picture this.

It's 7am and you are at the airport with your friends. You are about to go on that holiday you have all been planning and talking about for months. You have 2 hours to spare and you notice that the airport bar is open. Surely it's too early for a cheeky pint right?...


...Absolutely not! Your holiday has well and truly started and you will be celebrating this moment with a "beer for breakfast".

You will cheers to your new-found freedom from work and to all the adventures that await you. 

When we set out to create our channel name we wanted to bottle up that "holiday feeling" and that "why not - we are on holiday!" attitude. It can somewhat feel like a superpower and we certainly live for it! 

So here is to us screaming "cheers to freedom" everyday since we quit our office jobs in 2016! 😎

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Shapes 2.png

  Age: 28 (08/03/1993)

  Height: 5'4

  Nationality: Lithuanian

  Star Sign: Pisces

  Countries Travelled: 46

  Favourite Cocktail: Mojito

  Favourite Food: Indian

  Favourite Cities: London, Bangkok, Kuala Lumpur, Tokyo

  Top 5 Countries: England, Malaysia, Lithuania, Japan, Iceland

  Dream Destination: The Caribbean

  Biggest Achievement: Moving to the UK

  My Favourite Subject at School: English

  Languages Spoken: Lithuanian, English and Russian

  Weirdest Job: Working as an Emergency Dispatcher

  Favourite Book: "The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari"

  Favourite Film: "Avatar"

  Favourite TV Show: "This is Us"

  I'm Practically Addicted to: Crisps....Lots of Crisps #crispmonster

  What I Wanted To Be When I Grew Up: Flight Attendant

  The Best Advice I Ever Received was: "Do Whatever Makes You Happy"


Justina Baranauskaite

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Shapes 2.png
Shapes 2.png
Micha About.jpg

  Age: 33 (19/11/1988)

  Height: 5'7

  Nationality: British

  Family Heritage: British-Caribbean

  Star Sign: Scorpio

  Countries Travelled: 51

  Favourite Cities: London, Warsaw, Kuala Lumpur, Medellin

  Top 5 Countries: , Poland, Mexico, Turkey, Malaysia, Sri Lanka

  Biggest Fears: Trypophobia, Heights, Snakes

  Favourite Cocktail: Caipirinha

  Favourite Cuisine: Indian 

  Dream Destination: Antartica

  Biggest Achievement: Hiking to Everest Base Camp

  Favourite Subject at School: Philosophy

  Studied at Uni: Media & Advertising

  Weirdest Job: Working on a Zucchini Farm

  Favourite Music: Deep House

  Favourite Movie: "Forest Gump"

  Favourite TV Show: "Six Feet Under"

I'm Practically Addicted to: The Sims 4

  Favourite Video-Game: "Red Dead Redemption 2"

  Favourite Quote: "The future belongs to those who believe                                                          in the beauty of their dreams." 


Micha Boon

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